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after-sale warranty

1.1 Warranty scope

1.1.1 Host: The warranty period is 1 year;

1.1.2 Within 15 days from the date of purchase, in the normal operation, the performance failure caused by the quality of the product itself, if not repaired, can replace the same type of product or repair service;

1.1.3 Within one year from the date of purchase, any performance failure caused by the quality of the product itself under normal operating conditions, such as unrepaired, can enjoy free maintenance service;

1.1.4 Within three years from the date of purchase, the product has a performance failure and can enjoy the fee-based maintenance service.

1.1.5 The above warranty or repair is limited to electrical component failures, including hardware motherboards and displays, excluding consumables and accessories such as enclosures, manuals, packaging, and headphones.

1.2 Non-warranty scope

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty, even if the warranty terms will no longer apply, but the fee-based repair service is still available.

1.2.1Faultless machine with no crystal Jiurui trademark;

1.2.2 Failure machine caused by unauthorized disassembly and repair without our permission;

1.2.3 Faulty machine that altered or lost the serial number of the product;

1.2.4 Faulty or damaged malfunctioning machines caused by human factors or in unspecified circumstances, such as excessive humidity or dryness, high temperature, unstable voltage or current, excessive zero voltage, etc.;

1.2.5 Damage caused by accident or improper use, including machine liquid injection, rupture, collision, abnormal insertion and removal, pests, etc.; Natural consumption, including natural consumption, wear and aging of outer casing and connector parts; Damage, such as natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes;

1.2.6 A malfunctioning machine caused by the operation of the software of this machine outside the allowable range of the SDK;

1.2.7 It is identified that it is not a faulty machine produced by the company.

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